Friday, February 8, 2013

Chapter 94 Well-Wheeled

In 1970 we had a small tornado come across the farm which did a lot of damage. We had graduated from travel trailers to a slide in camper for our pick up. The kids loved it because they could ride back there and enjoy the freedom of moving around and doing things they wanted to do while we were traveling down the road. When we were not using it, I removed it from the pickup and had it setting on four 55 gallon drums. The storm picked it up and rolled it all the way down to the lake. It was totaled, so we purchased a small motor home to replace it-a Huntsman Class C Motorhome.  For the next fourteen years it was the recreation
 vehicle we used. It was fully self-contained. We could stop in a Wilderness area and have a hot shower, cook supper and have our own bathroom. We went to the coast and camped on the beach, we went to Florida for a convention; we just went everywhere in it. We used it as a moving van when Sus and Bruce moved back from Albuquerque. The trip to Florida was during the gas shortage and I installed an additional 50 gal gas tank, which gave me a range of 1000 miles. I was not going to get miles from home and run out of gas. It was on a Dodge chassis and got 14 miles per gallon which was tops for a motor home.
Every year in May we attended our Telephone Company "campout." These started around 1967 and we met every year until 2005 with this great group of friends. We started out in a Nimrod camping trailer, moved up to our dandy Huntsman. In later years, the group graduated to motels.

My interest in antique autos continued, I wanted to have an early V-8 Ford and heard about an original Ford 1936 four door for sale in Fort Worth. I went over there and could not find it. I went up and down north main in Fort Worth, asking about the car at every used car lot, etc. No one had seen it until one place a man, who was wiping down the used cars, came over to me and said he had seen it and a man a few blocks away had it. He described the house but did not know the address. 
I went over there and at the third house I hit pay dirt. Mr. Harris said yes he had a 36 and he would sell it. We went down to the garage where he opened the door and there sat a perfect original 1936 4-door deluxe sedan. There was a metal sign on the back license that said "Remember Pearl Harbor”. He started it and it fired off right away and sounded great. Even the old tube radio worked fine. The body was without a dent. We went back upstairs and sat at their breakfast table and negotiated price and talked from about 11 AM until about 3 PM. We finally struck a deal. I paid him $85 for the car and he gave me the title. Charlotte drove me over the next day, and I drove my prize back home.

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