Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Chapter 44 Oh, Happy Day!

clip_image002Finally the big day arrived-greatly anticipated-I was going to marry Charlotte. We had waited a long time and been through a lot, but it was worth it. As you can see from the picture, she was about the most beautiful bride ever! I remember I was like most bridegrooms, and had little to do with the wedding, except to show up. I had talked to Charlotte about a small wedding, and she thought that was a good idea. clip_image002[4]

The Four Amigos were to be reunited as Robert Holzschuher was my best man, and Bill Kliene and Paul Silber were my groomsmen. Charlotte’s sister Alice was going to be Matron of Honor, and my cousin Mary Carolyn and Charlotte’s cousin Bobbie Waugh were bridesmaids. It was a cozy group of attendants. On the eve of the wedding, Aunt Cot was hostess for the rehearsal dinner at her house on Gramercy. clip_image001

Charlotte and I were married at 8pm on January 11, 1947 at Trinity Methodist Church in San Antonio, Texas where Charlotte’s family had attended. Well, as I started through the door to the sanctuary, our small wedding had grown. I stopped, frozen, looking out at a packed church; it was a sea of people. A very long moment passed. Robert later said he was afraid I was going to break and run.

clip_image002[6]Robert gave me a push in the back, and we walked out to where the preacher was standing. I was sweating and more nervous than I had been at any time overseas. However, once Charlotte and her dad started down the aisle, I was okay and totally focused. I was just where I wanted to be. 

The wedding reception was at the Bright Shawl, and we spent our wedding night at the historic St. Anthony Hotel there in San Antonio. clip_image002[8]

The St. Anthony was the finest hotel in San Antonio at that time. We still have the paid receipt for that stay, and the charge for a night’s stay in this fine hotel was $5.00 per night. The $2.50 was for breakfast in the room


Photo of Trinity Methodist Church found here (see also here.)